Norman Rothstein

Norman is the Founder of ETR&D and the Chairman and Co-Founder of Intellectual Patents, Inc. since October 2005, Chairman of Energy Safe Technologies, Inc. since July 2008. He has developed ideas and concepts into businesses for which he has sourced and provided funding. Norman brings his investment-banking expertise to the challenge of seeding innovative start-up and early-stage companies, driving new, technological and proprietary end-products to commercialization. He has played an active role in shaping strategies, defining missions, and formulating management teams in order to position companies for growth.

Norman founded H Power Corp., a company that specialized in fuel-cell development, and served on its Board of Directors from July 1996 through April 2000, at which time the Company commenced its initial public offering through Lehman Brothers, raising over $100 million with a market cap of just under $1 billion. 

Norman was a partner and adviser to EOTech, Inc., a defense company and military contractor. In 2002, Norman, with a syndicate, purchased EOTech, Inc. for approximately $1.5 million and in 2005 the company was sold to L-3 Communications, a major defense contractor, for $49 million in cash.

Norman was involved in the structuring and financing of Barr Laboratories in its nascent days. Barr Laboratories became a leading generic drug company in the world before its acquisition by Teva Pharmaceutical. He was also involved in the development and financing of National Patent Inc., a pioneer in the concept of patent acquisition strategies, which was a nationally listed public company.

Thomas DelVecchio


Tom is a serial entrepreneur, he's the Founder and Director of ETR&D and the Director of Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) –the next-gen technology market research firm that powers ETR&D. Tom has spent the last eight years within the enterprise technology space between both research and investment. Tom acted as an Advisor to TheInfoPro regarding institutional research methodology, publication and sales; marketing. The commonality throughout has been Tom's reliance upon enterprise CIO/CTO's direct input.

Tom's best at identifying talent, whether it be an individual or a potentially disruptive technology and then fully vetting the potential end user audiences and creating an actionable roadmap to market. Tom possesses a unique set of capabilities that collectively have a dramatic effect in improving an entrepreneur's likelihood, speed and magnitude of success. 

This set of capabilities is the foundational precept that both ETR and ETR&D mind-sprang from. Tom has conducted years of surveys and research among ETR's over 3,300 CIO/CTO's globally to identify what is needed and being clamored after in the enterprise tech space. Tom can then match up entrepreneurs/startup teams working on these needed technologies with the most appropriate enterprise CIOs to best ensure the alpha, beta and long-term scalability prospects of the technology. After this CIO-entrepreneur mentor phase there will be a unique opportunity of then marketing the technology to the entire CIO/CTO sample with ETR&D's and ETR's support.

Allan Rothstein

Allan is the Co-Founder of ETR&D. Allan has 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Allan graduated as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar from The University of Pennsylvania, magna cum laude in 1980, and started his career at Shearson Loeb Rhoades where he handled arbitrage lines for domestic and international customers. In 1982, he became a member of the New York Futures Exchange. In 1990 he joined Fahnestock & Company (presently, Oppenheimer & Company) as a NASDAQ market maker. In his role as Senior Vice President and co-head of NASDAQ Trading, Allan was responsible for trading in over 500 markets, oversight of all NASDAQ market making and trading systems construction and integration.

Allan was Founder and Chairman of NanoDynamics Inc. He was a Director and the largest single shareholder of TheInfoPro (TIP) an independent research firm and network and the leading supplier of market intelligence for the IT industry. TIP's methodology was hinged on granular, deep-diving surveys of enterprise IT end users. TIP had in excess of 100+ technology vendors as customers and was subsequently sold to Edison Venture Partners in late 2008. TIP is now a research offering of the 451 Group.

Allan was a Director and partner of EOTECH, a designer and manufacturer of electro-optics products and systems employing advanced laser and holographic technology to enhance optical systems in target acquisition systems for law enforcement, the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines and U.S. Special Forces. EOTech was initially purchased for $1.5 Million and subsequently sold to L-3 Communications for $49 Million. Allan managed investment partnerships and funds including Centurion Partners and currently, Hedge Capital Partners LLC. He was also a principal of Healthcare Recovery Services LLC, servicing financial aspects and enhancing revenue cycles of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Allan served as a member of the National Nanotechnology Business Alliance and the New York Nanotechnology Business Alliance Advisory boards and the Dean¹s Council of the Graduate School of SUNY Stony Brook.

Patrick Lewis

Patrick brings twenty years of experience in credit, private and public equities. He has developed a holistic perspective to investing in emerging, disruptive technologies. Patrick joined ETR&D after seven years investing in technology equities at Invesco. Prior to Invesco he spent twelve years at firms DG Capital, Carlson Capital and ECT investing in both public and private technology and energy equities. He has helped offer strategic direction and financial counsel to innovative start-ups.

His extensive capital and industry contacts have proved a valuable asset to the emerging technology community. 

Patrick began his career in commercial banking in New Orleans after graduating with a degree in Accounting and Finance from Louisiana State University. Patrick serves as a mentor at seed accelerator SURGE (Houston, TX) and on the board of directors of the Children’s Fund.

Sidny Ginsberg


Sidny is passionate about building connections and developing community. She works on strategic projects for ETR&D, where she is a bridge between startups and the R&D lab, and is a Product Manager at ETR. Sidny manages the development of FITO, ETR’s platform for tech professionals, and plans events which connect these professionals to the startup community. She is also helping to plan ETR’s inaugural technology conference which will take place in 2016 and will provide an opportunity for senior level IT decision makers to convene in a private setting.

Sidny seeks to be an active member of the NYC tech community and enjoys attending tech events and classes. Before coming to ETR&D, Sidny graduated from General Assembly’s User Experience Design immersive program. She underwent 500+ hours of UX Design classes and developed skills in user research and interaction & interface design.

Sidny uses these skills to build and improve platforms and products at ETR. She strives to design positive experiences for Users at every tier. 

Sidny has community and account management experience both at for profit and nonprofit companies. She was a Community Manager at several startups in New York and San Francisco, including, where she helped low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners use crowdfunding to acquire the funding necessary to expand their businesses.

Sidny graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Geography and International Development.  She is thrilled to be using skills and enthusiasm for problem-solving and user centered design to work with ETR and ETR&D.

Reese Schonfeld

Reese is an Advisor to ETR&D and an American television journalist who is the Co-Founder of CNN and the Food Network. Schonfeld grew up in Newark, New Jersey, graduated from Dartmouth College and received an M.A. and a law degree from Columbia University. He began his career with United Press Movietone News in 1956. Later he became vice president of United Press International Television News. In 1975, he founded the Independent Television News Association, a service that provided independent television stations with pooled news coverage delivered via satellite.

In 1979 he became one of the Founders of the Cable News Network (CNN), serving as its first president and chief executive until July 1982, when Ted Turner assumed CNN's leadership. 

While at CNN, Schonfeld created the first 24-hour news concept. His last creation, Crossfire, has just returned to the air after an eight year hiatus. After leaving CNN, Schonfeld joined Cablevision Systems in New York, where he developed and oversaw the first local 24-hour all-news service- -"News Twelve" on Long Island. He later produced "People Magazine on TV" for CBS and helped develop "News Channel 8" for Allbritton Communications Company.

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